21.08.08 Intro movie and new screenshots

Recent screenshots displaying new special effects and main character's movements have been added to the Media section of our website.

The intro movie clip showing the beginning of the game has been added to the video files section. It also gives the fans an idea of what in-game characters will decide the world's fate.

07.07.08 New sensational movie to Collapse

A new Collapse video.

For the first time ever, the gameplay video is brought to the fans of our project.

27.06.08 Recent additions to the Media section

New screenshots have been added.

At the moment eight new screenshots from Collapse are available. You can view them here.

We also unveiled Yelena's gait motion, so give it your ratings.


27.05.08 New characters and screenshots
Descriptions for your future rivals and allies in the world of Collapse have been added to the Characters section. 4 new screenshots displaying the level of "Laurel" have also been added to the Media section.

20.05.08 KRI 2008. Collapse given a warm welcome by the press

Collapse, a breathtaking action game, got most positive feedback from the Russian gaming press on the KRI 2008 exhibition. 

You can view the links to all press reports about Collapse in the Russian Press section.